First appearance | ThunderCats - HO!, Part 1
Last appearance | The Book of Omens
Name | Bengali
Gender | Male
Species | Thunderian
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | Hammer of Thundera
Voiced by | Peter Newman

Bengali is a white tiger-like Thunderian.


Bengali was introduced in the Thundercats Ho! movie (also aired as a five-part episode.) He alongside Pumyra andLynx-O traveled in a ship that escaped Thundera just prior to its destruction, and wound up shipwrecked on Third Earthfor a time before they were found and rescued by Lion-Oand the rest of the Thundercats.

Bengali was later made an honourary Thundercat by Lion-O at the Cats Lair.

Abilities & WeaponsEditEdit

Bengali is the holder of the Hammer of Thundera, a tool that serves both as a weapon (fires bursts of energy) and a magical blacksmithing tool. He once used the hammer to reforge the Sword of Omens after Tug Mug broke it inMumm-Ra Lives!, Part 1. l