First appearance | The Sword of Omens
Voiced by | Emmanuelle Chriqui
Name | Cheetara
Gender | Female
Species | Cat
Race | Cheetah
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | Staff
Family | Tygra (Mate),Jaga (Mentor)
Status | Cleric


[2]Cheetara wielding her staff.

Viragor. The new staff has the power to grow out tree roots and launch darts. It also has the extending ability that her old staff possessed. [3]Cheetara's new Staff==Abilities/PowersEdit== Cheetara was trained by the wizard Jaga. Cheetara is a powerful magician and the last living Cleric. She's also the fastest cat in Thundera and an expert in many forms of combat, including staff fighting.


She has blonde hair with spots. She wears a brown outfit that exposes her cleavage & midriff and sandals.

One of the more dramatic revamps, this incarnation of Cheetara is younger and leaner. She appears to be in (what we would equate to) her early twenties with waist-length blonde hair, speckled with the characteristic cheetah spots. The front shorter section of hair has been brought forward, creating a bangs effect around her somewhat long face.

Her face markings differ slightly from the original, presenting a pale pink upsweep around her eyes, giving the impression of drastic eye makeup bordered by short, blonde eyebrows.

Her two piece costume is comprised of three tones of brown, the upper half sporting the signature red jewel present in all of the ThunderCat costumes. The lower section appears to be brown shorts with long, darker strips that seem to function as suspenders for her foot coverings which, similar to all of the Cat costumes, leave the claws of the feet exposed.

Cheetara's costume is accessorized with brown wrist-to-elbow guards that sport a disc around each wrist. These discs are also present around her ankles.


Cheetara is the most emotionally mature of the team and seems to be able read the feelings of others quite easily. She also appears to be like a supporter to Lion-O, as evidenced by her commentary while helping him defend the two lizards who were being abused by her fellow Thunderians. She is also the most humble, unlike the bold Lion-O, the cynical and competitive Tygra or the brooding Panthro.

She's also the most supportive of Lion-O, due to her berating Tygra and Panthro for not taking him seriously as a leader in the Journey to the Tower of Omens. At first she didn't seem to be able to tell that Lion-O and Tygra were fighting for her affections.



Tygra is Cheetara's mate and were old friends, having known each other since they were much younger. Tygra has always held much deeper feelings for her since the day she first came to join the clerics, and she in return. When she formed a freindship with Lion-O, Tygra would grow even more jealous and resent his younger brother. He would usaually try to outshine him, not just to impress Cheetara, but to prove himself to be more capable than Lion-O. Their relationship became much more complicated when the Thundercats (with Tygra temporarily absent) heard a prediction from the Elephant leader Anet, that Lion-O would feel betrayed by Tygra. Luckily, the betrayal was discovered at first not to be Tygra's, as he and Lion-O returned from the hut with resolved differences. That night when she learned what Tygra and Lion-O went through in the Astral plane, she and Tygra confess their feelings for one another. She also explains she had chosen him several years ago, resulting in a passionate kiss and in the end both become a couple. Unbeknownst to them, a shocked Lion-O was watching their exchange. This was the betrayal Anet had predicted. At one time Cheetara would actually give up a fight, just to save Tygra.


Cheetara Lion-O quickly developed a close friendship together since first meeting each other. She sees something different yet compelling within him as he shows a compassionate will and was against the mistreatment on the lizard prisoners and other species by his own people. As such, she helps and encourages him whenever he's dispirited or having trouble handling the Sword of Omens. Most recently, she has even kissed him on the cheek (though it was only for support). She didn't seem to realize that he had feelings for her. Lion-O was shocked and angry when he saw Tygra and Cheetara kissing. At first he said that he was okay with the new couple, but later on he talks to Cheetara and says that he wishes that he did feel happy for them. While Lion-O has accepted Cheetara's relationship with Tygra, he was unable to shake the angry feelings of being mislead by Cheetara from all their seemingly tender and intimate moments.


Jaga was Cheetara's mentor and leader of the Clerics. She holds great respect for the elderly wizard and may have seen him as a father figure (due to being an orphan). When she was young, she attempted to join the Cleric ranks but when she failed to pass the first trial, she was cast out. Cheetara swore she wouldn't leave the temple doors until she was given another chance. After so many days of sitting out in front of the doors, she collapsed from lack of nourishment, convincing Jaga that she did have patience and he finally took her in to start her training. She was saddened when Jaga sacrificed himself to drive Mumm-Ra away from the Book of Omens, but she has pressed on with the Thundercats' quest with renewed determination.