Pumyra (2011 TV series)
PUMYRA 2012 THE PIT (12)
First appearance | The Pit
Voiced by | Pamela Adlon
Name | Pumyra
Gender | Female
Species | Cat
Race | Puma
Weapon(s) | Arm crossbow/War Sling

Pumyra is a Cat who was forced to fight as a gladiatrix in the City of Dogs after ending up their slave. It seems that she was a healer before Thundera fell, having knowledge in medicine.

When encountered by Lion-O, Pumyra blamed him for what happened the day when Thundera fell to Mumm-Ra and that the rest of the Thunderians had suffered for this defeat. This left her disillusioned and resentful towards the Royal Family of Thundera.

Dobo ended up pairing Lion-O and Pumyra against each other in the Pit for the entertainment of the Dogs. Even though Pumyra had defeated Lion-O, she couldn't bring herself to finish him off. The Dogs chanted to Dobo to let Lion-O and Pumyra live causing Dobo to set them free.

When Lion-O asks about the other Cat slaves, Pumyra tells them that they are held at Mount Plun-Darr.

In Curse of Ratilla, Pumyra joins Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro into raiding Mount Plun-Darr where Ratar-O and his Rats are forcing the Cat slaves to excavate the Sword of Plun-Darr. During the raid, she recalls on how she was once a slave to them before being handed over to the Dogs. When Pumyra notices Lion-O's concern when she and Tygra plan to infiltrate the slave ranks, she told Lion-O he should move on afterwards which Lion-O denies. She managed to beat up Mordax before Lion-O prevents her from finishing him off.


  • She has brown hair tied in a ponytail with white highlights and amber eyes. She is learner and more athletic than her 80´s incarnation.
  • She wears a dark brown dress with golden manacles and a garter on her right thigh. Her necklace has a small black stone bound by a red chord and a bag on her hip stores the ammo for her wrist bow. Unlike the other cats who wear spat-like coverings on their feet that expose their heels and toes, she is always barefoot. ==PersonalityEdit==
Pumyra seems to be an angry, ill-tempered Cat especially in regards to Lion-O (since she deems him responsible for the fall of Thundera and the suffering of the survivors), but in the end she realizes that Lion-O does care about his people and forgives him. Even so she is shown to be a strong-willed, independent person regardless of the situation.