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Tygra is slightly taller than Lion-O, being adopted he looks very different from his adopted family. He has red-orange fur with black stripes and white areas. He is seen wearing two outfits, a blue outfit and green armor. Usually green armor when in combat.


[1]Tygra going invisibleTygra has shown to be a skilled unarmed combatant [1] and swordsman [2].

Tygra is also a trained military tactician, having studied military strategy under King Claudus[3]. Though his personal fighting style tends to be stealthy and disciplined, his style of command is generally blunt and forceful.


Tygra can be cocky and arrogant at times, usaully displaying feelings of jealousy and resentment toward his younger brother and originally felt he was better suited to be king. He was also quite offended when Lion-O declared that when he became king, he hoped that he'd be nothing like him. However Tygra has shown to be mature as well, when he obeyed Lion-O's orders without disrespect. Tygra also has a sense of loyalty towards his family since childhood, despite his early intentions against them, which can be seen when he knocked Lion-O into a pit as a child, but immediatley went to find help, or having Lion-O's back when Lion-O stood up against the locals treatment of the lizards or when making peace with Lion-O when entering the Astral Plane. He has also showed a somewhat sympathetic nature towards the Thunderkittens when he urged Lion-O to let WilyKit andWilyKat join them. Tygra also has a flirtatious side as well which can be seen when he winks at Cheetara in a more than friendly manner, having always loved her since childhood and dispite his loyalty, Tygra also has shown to be quite stubborn when proven wrong, not giving up in a fight and not being told where to go (example: Song of the Petalars, when Tygra wanted to fight the lizards instead of running away, and Native Son, when Lion-O said that they were lost and Tygra argued that he never gets lost when it's obvious they were).

Tiger Clan FoundEditEdit

Some time later, Tygra and Lion-O found the lost Tiger clan, and Tygra reunited with Javan, his biological father. At first Tygra was resented with Javan because he, looking for saving his son from a fatal fate again, tells him to leave because he can't call him son as he's been living with the lions. As Tygra and Lion-o were about to leave, some tigers attempted to kill Tygra, only for him to be saved by Javan again. The tigers then turned into unconscious night creatures because of the curse, and attacked the brothers. Javan atacked Tygra, almost killing him by choking him, but by knowing the reasons why Javan gave him away, Tygra was able to forgive his father. That act of humility broke the curse. Tygra thought he would be able to stay with his father and his people, but they explain the curse kept them alive with no need of food or water, and that they are no dead, netiher alive, and one by one started vanishing, the last of them being Javan, not before telling Tygra "Always remember son, you are a tiger. I will be watching you ...with pride." After that, Tygra picked up Javan's three-sphered bolowhip and asked Lion-O if it was his destiny to always lose what he cares for; Lion-O assures Tygra he will never lose him.



Cheetara is Tygra's mate, and they were old friends. Having loved her since childhood, he has always held deep feelings for her. He blushed and stuttered when they met for the first time. Cheetara's friendship with Lion-O, seemed to have triggered Tygra's resentment and jealousy with his younger brother. When Cheetara heard what he and Lion-O had gone through in the Astral Plane, she acknowledged that she had unknowingly contributed to their rivalry by not making her feelings clear. Tygra misunderstood her to mean she'd chosen Lion-O, but Cheetara revealed it was Tygra she had feelings for, stating that she'd chosen years ago. She then revealed that she'd kept the flower Tygra had left for her as a reminder of his kindness, which resulted in a passionate kiss and in the end become a couple. Unbeknownst to them, however, a shocked Lion-O witnessed their exchange.


Tygra and Lion-O were siblings from a very early age. It is seen that he and Lion-O had an on and off rivalry. Sometimes Lion-O would show resentment towards his older brother, due to Tygra's jealousy over the crown and favoritism by Claudus, as he was able to out do Lion-O in many things. During one time, as kittens both he and Tygra were visiting the forbidden ruins, where Tygra would purposely push Lion-O into a pit, but instantly regretted it and went to find help, showing the bond they both have as siblings. It's possible that because he was adopted, Tygra felt he had to prove himself worthy to be a part of the Royal Family, thus causing him to outperform Lion-O. When entering the Astral Plane, their relationship became more complicated and Lion-O, having heard of Anet's prediction that he would feel betrayed by Tygra, was much more cautious, but instead he and Lion-O resolve their differences. However the betrayal, unintentionally, was from not Tygra alone but Cheetara as well. Lion-O was shocked, possibly angry, when he saw Cheetara and Tygra kissing. Tygra gained a new respect for Lion-O when Lion-O was believed dead, and Tygra became the new king. After a failed attempt to retrieve the Sword of Omens, Tygra admitted that while he always questioned Lion-O's decisions, they always worked out in the end, and when he was in charge, he only succeeded in getting everyone captured and didn't know what to do. After Lion-O rescued them, he stated he would follow him anywhere.


Claudus was Tygra's loving adoptive father. He had a very close and affectionate relationship with his adoptive son, and sometimes would wish Lion-O would be more like him. He would even accompany Tygra while studying military Strategy and allow Tygra to sit more closer to him during events. At the time of Thundera's downfall and Claudus' death, his last words to Lion-O and Tygra were, "No matter what happens, you've made me proud today".
Tygra is the son of Javan, the sole surviving heir of the fallenTiger Clan. He was adopted by the Thunderian royalty and became a prince; he’s the elder adoptive brother to Lion-Oand adoptive son to King Claudus. After surviving the fall of Thundera, he and the surviving cats formed the newThunderCats and serves as second-in-command. Should Lion-O ever fall or relinquish his title as King, Tygra is next in succession as Lord of the ThunderCats.

Tygra has the ability to render himself invisible with his whip, likely some form of magic. He also uses an energy pistol as his weapon and shows great accuracy with it. Tygra is seen using a sniper-type rifle to protect Cheetara in "New Alliances." It's undetermined if the rifle was a weapon confiscated from the lizards or yet another gift from the Berbils.